The Croyle Lab

The laboratories of Maria A. Croyle RPh., PhD.
The University of Texas at Austin's College of Pharmacy

Dr Maria A. Croyle RPh., PhD is a Professor of Pharmaceutics at The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy where she has lead a busy research lab in pursuit of a single-dose, long-lasting Adenovirus-based Ebola vaccine, as well as studies in drug metabolism, novel vaccine formulations and other viral vectors.
Her students have come from all over the world to be challenged by the plethora of skill sets represented in such an innovative research environment.

Peer Reviewed Scientific Publications

47.  Jonsson-Schmunk. K., Wonganan P., Choi JH., Callahan SM., Croyle, M.A.  Integrin Receptors Play a Key Role in the Regulation of Hepatic Cytochrome P450 3A.  2016.  Drug Metab Dispos. May;44(5):758-70. doi: 10.1124/dmd.115.068874. Epub 2016 Feb 11.
  ** Figures from this manuscript were selected for use as cover art for the May 2016 issue of the journal.

46.  Jonsson-Schmunk. K., Croyle, M.A.  A Long-Lasting, Single-Dose Nasal Vaccine for Ebola: A Practical Armament for an Outbreak with Significant Global Impact.  2015.  Expert Review of Anti-infective Therapy. 13:5 , 527-530.

45.  Jonsson-Schmunk. K., and Croyle, M.A.  A Respiratory Vaccine for Ebola: Close to a Reality?  2015.  Future Virology. 10(6):659-662.

44.  Choi, J.H., Schafer, S.C., Freiberg, A.N.,  Croyle, M.A.  Bolstering Components of the Immune Response Compromised by Prior Exposure to Adenovirus: Guided Formulation Development for a Nasal Ebola Vaccine.   2015.  Mol. Pharm. 12 (8):2697–2711.
    ** Editor’s Choice Award from the American Chemical Society in recognition of the excellent science outlined in the paper and the novelty in which it addresses a current, very serious global issue.

43.  Choi, J.H., Jonsson-Schmunk. K., Qiu, X., Shedlock, D.J., Strong, J., Xu, J.X., Michie, K.L., Audet, J., Fernando,  L., Myers, M.J., Weiner, D., Bajrovic, I., Tran, L.Q., Wong, G., Bello, A., Kobinger, G.P., Schafer, S.C., Croyle, M.A.  A Single Dose Respiratory Recombinant Adenovirus-Based Vaccine Provides Long-Term Protection for Non-Human Primates from Lethal Ebola Infection.  2015.  Mol. Pharm. 12 (8):2712–2731.
    ** Editor’s Choice Award from the American Chemical Society in recognition of the excellent science outlined in the paper and the novelty in which it addresses a current very serious global issue.

42.  Wonganan, P., Jonsson-Schmunk, K., Callahan, S.M., Choi, J.H. and Croyle, M.A.  Evaluation of the HC-04 Cell Line as an In Vitro Model for Mechanistic Assessment of Changes in Hepatic Cytochrome P450 3A During Adenovirus Infection.  2014.  Drug Metab. Dispos. 42(7):1191-1201.

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40.  Leggiero, E., Astone, D., Cerullo, V., Mazzaccara, C., Labruna, G., Sacchetti, L., Salvatore, F., Croyle, M.A. and Pastore, L.  A PEGylated Helper-Dependent Adenoviral Vector Expressing Human Apo-A1 Reduces Atherosclerosis in LDLR Deficient Mice. 2013.  Gene Ther. 20(12):1124-1130.
39.  Choi, J.H. and Croyle, M.A.  Emerging Targets and Novel Approaches to Ebola Virus Prophylaxis and Treatment.  2013.  BioDrugs, 27(6), 565-583.

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37.  Choi, J.H., Schafer, S.C., Zhang, L., Kobinger, G.P., Juelich, T.J., Freiberg, A.N., and Croyle, M.A.  A Single Sublingual Dose of an Adenovirus-based Vaccine Protects Against Lethal Ebola Challenge in Mice and Guinea Pigs.  2012.  Mol. Pharm. 9(1), 156-167.

36.  Wonganan P, Clemens CC, Brasky K, Pastore L, and Croyle M.A. Species Differences in the Pharmacology and Toxicology of PEGylated Helper-Dependent Adenovirus. Molecular pharmaceutics. 2011;8(1):78-92. doi:10.1021/mp100216h.

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34.  Renteria, S. S., Clemens, C.C., Wonganan, P.W., and Croyle, M. A. Effects of Concentration and Formulation on Adenovirus Stability and Infectious Titer During Actuation from Two Intranasal Delivery Devices.  Vaccine. 2010 Feb 25;28(9):2137-48. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2009.12.025. Epub 2009 Dec 29

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30.  Richardson, J.S., Yao, M.K., Tran, K.N., Croyle, M.A., Strong, J.E., Feldmann, H., and Kobinger, G.P. Enhanced protection against Ebola virus mediated by an improved adenovirus-based vaccine. 2009 PLoS ONE. 4(4):e5308.

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Invited Book Chapters

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